Décoration de table pour Noël: en blanc, rouge et vert

Décoration de table pour Noël: en blanc, rouge et vert


My Christmas table decoration

mounting 1

Christmas is a universal holiday, with codes that we know well: the green of fir and red Santa Claus!

In 2016, there is still more research warm colors … we have to say: Nordic style has had its day and cold and too minimalist interiors are forgotten, we really need to warm, family.

For me, the three essential for our Christmas table:

– The candle, which sifts atmosphere

– Objects of our childhood, small gifts personal, for the reminder of our best moments with family

– And small decorative elements typical of Christmas and in a harmony of colors!

That’s why I chose to propose a table with natural aesthetics in the traditional colors, tinted wood and candlelit.

Authentic and friendly, plain style warms the interior at the time of Christmas. The few plant keys to perfect everything.

Table top view

Please find below the details of what I have prepared for my traditional CHRISTMAS table decoration: white Du, red, pretty light wood and small nods to childhood  :

* To my great rectangular wooden table, I chose:

– 1 Tablecloth rectangular white fabric 

– 3 lengths table runner in red taffeta

– Long tree branches that cross the table and red Christmas balls and white posed above

– 1 white candlestick table center which I added 4 red and white candles tradition + some wooden decoration which fall

– 6 Kits tableware design white and silver cutlery

– A small nice Deco on glasses: small caps handmade Christmas

– The red towels non-woven + + Christmas ribbon red and white candy canes

– 1 surprise surprise menu

– Some small gifts with the first guests to lay on the plates

– Christmas Crackers Facts hand, to ask about dishes, full of surprises

– The Glass jars with 1 Christmas straw to fill with milk or hot chocolate

– Some glass candle holders decorated with masking tape + Christmas red and green candles

– 4 + Small white lanterns red and green candles

– A sprinkle: small wrapped chocolates

mounting 2

Installation 3

Installation 4

I also thought to beautify the foundation:

* On my wooden chair, I put white cushion and I realized the chair Nodes with fabric in red taffeta

It then remains to enjoy a menu up to the moment, to put some music and family fun, in this atmosphere candlelit! Feast on everything!

Installation 5

Merry Christmas to all

Contact Emilie, and wish him sympathetically happy holidays year-end: leblogdeco-byemilie@locadeco.net

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